My Shadow.

  Who  are you that i feel with me?

  Tick-Tot..Tick-Tot.. there you are again!

  Can you see the darkness on the wall as you walk by?

  Can you feel me there in the dark?

  I exists only in light and darkness surrounds me?

  Can you fell me walking beside you?

  I've been with you a long time.

  Have you felt me behind you?

  Who am I, that you've seen but not noticed.

  I am your shadow,

  I am you,



  By Tanya M Jones.









    THANKS TANYA ~ For a very elegant Poem ~ "Me and my shadow ~ all alone and feeling blue!" We can all relate to this lovely nostalgic Poem ~ because we all pass through "blue periods" when our only company is our SHADOW and no one seems to care "Not a Soul to sing my Love Song to !" You song made me think (about the lonely times) Fortunately things are OK now and I have a lovely GF Angela ~ so most of the time there are now TWO SHADOWS But at times it looks like just ONE we are so so close ! Thanks for caring ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

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