whisky tastes better than your lips

Every thing was Picture perfect like a movie scene. wish we paused it cuz maybe we could figured out what caused us to be so obscene. but we don’t have time for that so I’ll drink this whole bottle of jack,to drown out the memories I’ll never get back. Don’t press pause you’ve already started this song there’s no turning back I want you to know I’ve stopped eating I want my heart to stop beating I won’t stop till I’m dead.whisky tastes better then your lips,never thought we’d end like this I feel like the only one that’s sane in a world filled with my own shame.



    WELCOME ARI ~ Thanks for your first POEM ~ Breaking up is hard @ any age and over the last 17 years (I'm 34 !) I've fallen in & out of Love several times ~ but I try not to drown my sorrows in BURBON ! My MANTRA is: "Better to have loved & lost ~ than never to have loved at all !" Easy to say ~ never easy to do ! Every Blessing ~ please don't ley 2018 start BAD ~ Yours BRIAN ~ UK ~ Please check my Poems ~ Thanks B.

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