A Revival In Us

I am a traveling man,
not only that,
but a man who believes in God.
I have traveled the world,
north, south, east, and west.
The world is a world of beauty.
It is a world created by God,
and yet it has been corrupt by man,
who has been corrupted by the devil.
Thankfully, we have been given,
the gift of Jesus.
I have seen corruption.
I have seen the wickedness that has plagued the earth.
Some may call me a hypocrite.
There are people blaspheming Jesus.
They hate us Christians.
Yet they embrace every other worship.
I do not condemn them though.
That is not my job.
On the contrary,
I spread the gospel of Jesus.
Yet I have lost many friends because of it.
Still, it is worth it.
However, there is hope.
Men will rise up.
Voices are on the horizon.
You mark my words.
Remember the date of this writing.
Within four years, there will be a mass revival.
This is the God honest, Christ loving, Holy Spirit filled truth.
I do not not mean to sound any type of way.
Then again, maybe I do.
I will rhyme, so this won't sound like I'm preaching,
but all of this I promise to you.

Revival comes from Thee
Send a Revival start the work in me
Fill mew with Fire
Where once I burned with shame
Help me O Lord to glorify Thy Name ~ AMEN

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