Aa Harvey

Mothers shouldn't cry

Mothers shouldn’t cry.



Hello Nan, I’m sorry I wasn’t there enough.

I miss you; God how I miss your love.

I try and try, but I just mess things up;

My heads becoming unglued, how do I carry on?



It’s all over the place, what’s forward or back?

Confusion falls all around us, what’s up with my head?

This can’t be real, come on your having a laugh;

I must be dreaming, am I still in bed?



It’s no dream, it’s the truth.  She’s dead and she’s gone;

She’s floating up above, to Heaven; her new home.

She’s been there all your life, from the moment you were born;

But she won’t be there to comfort you,

Through the grieving my Son.



Remember her best moments,

Like her cooking when you came home;

Remember the good times, not just this bad moment.

Remember the things, she taught us about life;

Remember her loving you, when you were just a child.



Always wanting the best for you,

But disappointed when we failed.

She could get angry sometimes,

But she could also make us smile.

You were like the Godfather, or Godmother of the family.

Without your guidance, where will we be?



Lost and confused, not really believing this is real;

Being forced to accept that you are not here; this is surreal.

I thought you’d live forever.  Not you; you can’t go;

Seeing all my life in an instant,

Wishing you were here for your Grandson.

Like you always have been, the permanent star.

Guiding us, leading the way for us;

Shining brightest for us all.



(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.


  • FredPeyer

    A beautiful tribute to your mom!

  • LaurašŸŒ»

    I read your poem a few times!
    Each time I read it, it evoked a different emotion within me.
    I felt happy...
    I felt sad...
    I felt loved...
    I felt lonely...
    I did like reading it.
    So poignant and very

  • Tony36

    Wonderful written tribute

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