I have a secret...

Don’t tell anyone~
She whispered fiercely to the shadows.
They gathered their promises they had no intention of keeping.
She showed them the scars running down her legs:
~All of these stories are my secrets

The face she wore throughout that night
Disguised her flee from fortune’s blight
Regretful now with heaving breast
Their gathered promises all repressed
--Michael Edwards--

Grabbing for the last of hope;
A single raven touched the sky.

That single raven were her dreams of friendship, happiness and love. That crooked image flashing in bits between her teeth as she constantly tried to swallow them.

The wind confided that it would soon tell
Dark mountain passes and silence then fell.
Shadows pounced and enveloped her.
They were prying for more.
She had teased them with mere morsels,
She had opened the door.

I fell asleep tried as hell not knowing what time or day I was in not knowing how it began. I remember this girl named Rochelle she said I got something but don't tell. Then I a remember I was found clothes in the middle of the winter. From holding a secret of this girl named Rochelle. It came from this sickness knowing I was her mistress not fully aware I was 10th guy on her hit list. I promised not to tell I went to the Dr for a pain in my side the next thing told to me I almost cried. This things was a hell of a surprise laying with blood coming from my mind but I promise I wouldn't tell

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