My True Best Friend

I push you back,
Then push you again.
You hold me close,
Saying”No not again”

You draw me close,
And won’t let go.
No matter the cost,
You keep a tight hold.

When I call you names,
You don’t even blink.
You tell me softly,
“This ship won’t sink”

You always insure me,
It’ll all be fine.
When I make it worse,
You just give it time.

When I’ve had enough,
And say,”I’m thru.”
You always respond,
“I still love you”

I challenge our bond,
Over a dozen times.
You look past my flaws,
And all of my crimes.

When I’m filled with doubt,
And say,” I don’t care.”
You still show me love,
When I’m not being fair.

There’s something about you,
Most wont see.
But I know better,
From how you treated me.

Although I don’t deserve it,
Time and time again,
You still remain,



  • Goldfinch60

    Very good write, best friends are with you in both the good and the bad times and always remain loyal.

  • angelinamc101

    Beautiful poem it made me cry. Those type of friends are the ones we really want to keep and treasure.

  • RebeccaRose.x

    An amazing write! Love it !!! Definitely doing as a favourite

  • DarkNationLocal

    Thanks everyone, it was really important to get this out there. The main thing I’d like to share is this True Best Friend I speak of taught me a lot but more so one thing I’ll never forget. She said, “Your real family is sometimes the friends you choose to become family, cause in birth the family you have is given without choice “ it’s so true cause there are some family in my life that don’t even act like family

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