Writings From The Unknown13

you lied to me...


and you denied it...


but this time i heard the truth with my own two ears,

i heard it from her,

i heard it from her friends...

and i heard a lie from you...

and since then we havent talked.

do you still care about me?

do you still wonder about me?

because i dont.

i dont care about you anymore,

but i do wonder about you...

but only because i have one last thing to say..

or would i just be wasting my breath?

would i just be wasting my time writing this?

because i know your never going to read this.

you know my past...

so why did you make me live through it again?

why did you try to repeat it?

maybe you werent even trying to,

but maybe you were.

ill never know...

and i dont plan on knowing.

i thought i was done with you,

but for some reason i still cared...

but maybe this time will be different.


but thats what i say every time right?

over and over again and again.

i hope this time will be different.

i hope this time i will never have to see you ever again.

i hope i will get the chance to say what i want to say...

(stupid me)

he doesnt care

(stupid me)

why would i give him another chance..

just to hear me waste my breath on something he doesnt give a shit about.

all i have to say to him is..

"fuck you and goodbye".

and once again...

im hoping that this goodbye is forever.

im not going to come crawling back.

thats what i say every time right?

goodbye again and again.

i dont even know why i still try to text you.

i lost three people in one day...

i lost my best guy friend that ive had since 9th grade,

i broke up with the one i was with,

and then i hear this bullshit about you...

all on the 21st of december.

i didnt just waste my breath...

i wasted over a year of my time,

i wasted my heart on you,

i wasted my tears on your heart breaking ways..again.

over and over again..

and again


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