Its Raskolnikov

Bullish Dreams

It is my hope to help the world,

To end suffering,

I want to give to the needy,

Take from the greedy,

I want to see us all holding hands,

Playing songs in one big band,

Standing strong together, 

Somewhere down the line we all share the same mother,

We're all sisters and brothers,

I'd like to see us all dancing in the streets,

Not just for one day, one moment, one crowd,

I want the whole world to feel unified and proud,

I want all the world's evils to come crumbling down,

To see all the systematic problems hit the ground,

But now we're in a fire fight,

And it may seem sometimes lonely, but look around,

You'll find love and friendship, hope and romance,

It's in the music,

Just listen to the sound that we've found,

It is so beautiful,

The thought is profound,


  • FredPeyer

    You are expressing what we all would like to see! Nice poem!

  • Chanel T.

    Peace peace peace! Yes! 💛

  • dusk arising

    Lovely thoughts which most of us poets have tried to express at one time or another. I think my most recent effort was called 'the plate' - unsure if its worthy but the sentiments we share are for sure very noble indeed.
    Nice writing.

    • Its Raskolnikov

      Thank you, unfortunately I cannot find your poem on your profile, would love to read it though!

      • dusk arising

        i will email you a copy on here

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      • Goldfinch60

        Very true, we would all like this to be the way we live. Make love not war.

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