Wednesday 10th

'Wednesday wednesday
So good to me
It was all
I hoped it would be'

I sang as i headed to therapy.

I had many rants, a little small cry
My increase in BP i couldn't deny

I talked about my home leave from hospital time
Christmas, New years, Turning 29

The entire appointment i sat shitting myself
Unfortunately i've had a blip in my home leave health

Writing and fighting, struggle with food
This fustrating unpredictable mood

Ups and downs, perhaps a happy act
Cause i'm avoiding alot and that's a fact

My Beccas been here, being a rock through the struggle
Oh she's seen it all, and been there for a snuggle

But a sigh of relief as i walk out free
Sister Janice and Becca waiting for me

And now i really need to fucking try
Because i want to live, i don't want to die
Day by day, hour by bloody hour
Home, plan, focus, fight, willpower

I'll pray to the stars, that okay i'll be
Wednesday wednesday so good to me.


  • Goldfinch60

    Such a positive write and I am sending you more positive vibes, keep fighting Renzi.
    Writing is the way forward as in writing you move into a different world and while you are in that world the troubles can be forgotten and may be start healing themselves.

    May you God be with you.

  • FredPeyer

    Renzi, just hearing from you makes my day!
    I have a terrible cough and was feeling sorry for myself....stupid!
    You made me realize how lucky I am.
    In that picture you look incredibly determined, your eyes inviting the viewer to challenge your willpower. I know it is there! You'll make it!
    Anybody with green fingernails will succeed in anything they try!!! (It's the law!) :-)

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