Lie in the Eye

Don't look twice
One lie from your eyes is enough
I won't look Back
The dagger obscures what the tears don't blur

LOOK me in the EYE
I SEE into your EYES ~ I
EXPERIENCE your soul ~ see your LIES !
I SEE thru your EYES
NOT SO NICE ~ I see your LIES
TRY to deceive ME ?
HOW can you ? When I SEE
EVIL & DECEIT ~ deep in your EYES
EYES my Friend ~ Windows of ...
YOUR SOUL ! You reveal GOOD or ...

A twinkle once
A smile there
Now there's a void
I cannot bare
No denying the beautiful pools
Blue & green yet
No more a Spring.
I'm Drowning
Didn't want to get Wet

There’s something to break in every eye;
When the cornea gives way to the pupil
With desire
Betraying it’s owners lies.

You think I don't Know?
I can't know a Lie when I See One?
In your Eyes,
it states, yeah whatever Dumbass,
Stupid Man.
I try to not to read Deep
These are Windows though.
Grasping to see the Light through
No Twinkle of Happiness
Am I Paranoid?
Or perhaps Perceptive?
Not Sure.
But it is in the Eye
Of the Perceiver
I Call the Lies in your Eyes.

You look to the left whenever you lie.
You think you can fool me but you can’t even try
to deceive me. I was the one who saw past your lips,
I was the one who lent you my hips!
You think I don’t know you, you’re too blind to see
That love gave me glasses to glance by your deceit.

Your eyes told it all that you lived with no soul but how did you grow maybe by the lies you told these lies the feed your soul your perfect body parts kept them from looking in your eyes but trying to figure out what's size you wear not know those was even a lie the eyes is key to the soul in them eyes nothing lies beneath


  • deepthoughts

    Your eyes tell me everything,
    The lies you've told,
    The things you stole,
    The things you told.
    I can see it all,
    The deceit you gave in Crete,
    The ones under your hand have bleat, in mercy, which you denied,

    But then, I can also see the sweet,
    A homeless man you so quickly helped,
    Your own food given to other to eat,
    Your time donated to help those in need,
    Your eyes tell me everything.

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