Gary Edward Geraci

Fake Bananas

Fake news and fake followers,
Money hungry wallowers.

I think I’d be a fake too
If I limited my poems to

Just stanzas of ones and twos.
Like going to an all you

Can eat buffet at Bonanza’s
On a special diet of just bananas.

- Gary Edward Geraci


  • Aislinn Wilson

    Fantastic opening stanza

    • Gary Edward Geraci

      Thank you for stopping by Aislinn; it’s quite meaningful to me that my poem resonated with you! I’ll stop by your place in few....

    • Michael Edwards

      I draw from this my own feelings that a true poet can write from imagination, and inspiration as well as from personal experiences - and can write in different forms - enjoyed this write Gary.

      • Gary Edward Geraci

        Thank you Michael and I agree with your sentiments. I’m sort of venting against those that are writing “superficially” and in large volume to legitimately manipulate the Instagram algorithm for the purpose of building a sales funnel. Even dispensing robots (bots) to “like”, “comment”, “follow”, and “unfollow”. I just hope after all that - it’s a good product they are offering to sell.

      • orchidee

        A fine write Gary. Sometimes it's short and sweet, not long and ......waffly?!

        • Gary Edward Geraci

          Ha ha! Orchidee you had me tumbling over myself to properly define the word “waffle” (I could have used this one in my poem “green apples”). Thankfully, the poetic license allows for the equivocal, the wacky, and the waffly! A superb word! Thanks for your visit.

        • poelove

          Nothing new under the sun..All is vanity. in the age of online access and short attention span why be surprised that everyone thinks they have an original thought with mostly angst driven drivel and their need to be recognized. All while not commenting on other sight poetry...people-- commenting on poetry is one a good way to absorb learn the craft...

          • Gary Edward Geraci

            I appreciate your read and comment. As the enterprise, the missionary effort, the collection, etc. builds, even with the best intentions, it becomes next to impossible to respond and comment to all of one’s followers (Instagram). And so one can try to communicate with them directly through one’s poetry. Indeed we are, at our core, attention seekers. Even with that which is purely Divine, the evangelizers had to first draw attention to themselves in order to preach what they had witnessed. It’s certainly not the worst of sins....

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