Lost Love

The split second when realization dawns

You know you lost the one you love

You scream at life that used you so much like a pawn

Then you lose belief in the skys above


Your heart cracks in two

And you know

This is something you wont get through

Your heart displays a magnificent ice show


Each heartbeat brings a special kind of torture

You tell yourself its not the end of the world

But every new thought backs you into a corner

As your soul becomes withered and curled


Looking for something to blame

Makes your very being fracture

The burden of continuing life feels like a ball and chain

Tears seem to be the only thing you can manufacture


Nothing can compare to that first true love

Its a feeling that can't be replicated

A memory that you can't get rid of

Your heart so carelessly mutilated


Finally you force yourself to move on

Even when love's ghost haunts you

It feels like a ticking insanity bomb

But you decide you have to make do.

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