The Youngest Old Man You’ll Ever Meet

There is a certain phenomenon, made of both old and young,

Encased in a body of a man, who plays both father and son,

He chooses not to be ignorant, so his business is to know,

Unlike his peers, who are oblivious, they don’t want to grow.


Meanders he does through many circles, so that he can learn,

From the bawdy to the refined, they add to his mental churn,

“Everyone’s a student ‘til they die” he says, as his motto,

Shocked and scared the rabble are, in their familiar grotto.


More discussions bleed out, with him acting as the chair,

Spills of thrills, aspirations and even morbid despair,

In this stream of consciousness, there is a clear connection,

Running through the topics said, therefore a sure direction.


In his choice of libation, he chooses much stronger drink,

Than that of his peers, who would, if sipped, have their fifty winks,

This youth perfects involuntary noises, performed by the old,

Although youthful, his ancient heart, feels very much the cold.


He’s lived his life with swiftness unmatched, he may become feeble,

But his mind is still razor sharp, so no qualms in factual retrieval,

Barely grey haired, he still rests up, with his thermals underneath,

With thoughts of parties’ past, and of the day he’ll have his wreath.


So, if you are in the presence of this most eccentric of men,

Do not be shy, as he’ll welcome you guys, into his wondrous den,

Thus, grab a drink and truly enjoy, a most unusual treat,

Whilst getting to know the youngest man you’ll ever meet.


  • Louis Gibbs

    Some never 'age', they just grow older and hopefully wiser. Your poem hits the nail on the head, A-S.

  • Aislinn Wilson

    Wonderful poem

  • Syd

    I know a few young old men and vice versa. Really enjoyed reading this.

    - Syd

  • Goldfinch60

    Age can be a myth, getting old happens to the body but in the mind youth is still the way for many people. Good write.

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