Mariana Lorentz

You Lied

You lied to me.

Yet your lie to me was masked

By my complete infatuation

With the longing in your stare

And the feel of your flirtation.


Your tender touch on my pale skin

Sent goosebumps up my thighs.

The game you played you'd surely win

If only with your lies.


My love, you played it well

For I was overtaken

By your voice, your touch, your smell-

A sweet serene sensation.


I fell in love at time's command

For in a dream you'd take my hand

And never let it go.


Yet I was taught by you

That love is but a duel, 

A game to play by two: 

One will win and one will lose.


  • lasergraph

    A lie is given as a key
    But only truth can set you free.

  • Goldfinch60

    Eventually two winners emerge and will go on together. Welcome to MPS.

  • Aislinn Wilson

    I love it

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