The Past Repeats

Writings From The Unknown13

as i was finally ready to say goodbye forever...

you came right back out of the blue,

with a new number but with the same old lies.

just as things are going great..

you came right back to make sure my heart never recovers.

im not falling for your games anymore.

im getting what i want and what i want is the truth..

and then im leaving for good.

just tell me the truth and all of this will go away,

but if you keep lying...

ill just have to take matters into my own hands.

you tell me the truth then there will be no problems...

you tell me another lie and i will go show your little girlfriend our messages..

on how your lying to me about not dating her.

your worst nightmare will come true.

and you thought i couldnt get any crazier...

but i can.

some people say that the past is the past.

well honey the past repeats until you learn your lesson.

the past even repeats when someone cant even admit to their lies.

sometimes we have to make our mistakes twice before learning..

sometimes even three.

 but if your someone that needs more than three and cant see through someones shit..

than you need a friend..

you may even need a stranger to set you straight.

im sick of all the shit life has put me through.

im much happier without you in my life.

i let the shit you put me through ruin my relationship,

and im not about to let that happen again.

but we cant control when we get sad,

it just sort of happens.

your apologizes are worth nothing to me anymore,

the way you pretend to care is getting old,

all the lies you have told and the way they continue is no wheres near shocking.

i asked you those questions expecting you to lie..

just so i can go show your girlfriend.

and you fell for it...

just like how she has fallen for you.

she lost her ability to see through your shit...

it goes right over her head.

like i said..

the past keeps repeating if you never learn your lesson.

my past has repeated...

now lets see if it continues or not...


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