Who am I?

As I reach my fingers
Up towards the sky
A whisper caught in my ear: asking
Who am I?

This is who I am
I reach up and touch the sky
I have found myself
I enjoy freedom
The blue smoking hills stand tall
I am free at last
-Michael Edwards-

But i try to touch the sky and realize
that i still don't know who i am
i am lost again without a clear future
and i just want to break free
and find out wh i really am.

Who am I, who am I?
The stars won’t say
Nor will the day
Nor the brilliant cloudy sky.
I need some time
To find the answer of
This defuddling question of mine.

I am the wind, grass, & trees
The birds, the animals
& the eternal breeze

i am the answer to the question
i am me and that's all i want to be
i will laugh, i will cry, and times where i want to die.
but there's no one id rather be than me


I am your poet, your spirit, your soul
I am the answers where questions are told
I am the reflection of foolish or wit
See me in all, whether simple or fit

we finish realizing that we can never get a clear answer to the question of who we are.
we are individuals with different views and choices
with different types of love and hate
with different hopes and dreams.
we are different.

But the question still puzzles me,
no matter how hard it try.
I know the answers out there somewhere,
Someone's just gotta help me find it


  • Monika

    this poem was great! even though i wrote some of it. i never seen what a good fusion poem looks like. here it is

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