Last Days

It is my final day:
I wake up, I grab my coffee.
The birds sing their songs.
I collect my works and run to the park
Prepared for the act of solitude
In perfect harmony with nature
I will be recycled.

In dearth of good fortune
I shall now sever
my lines of connection
the choice is all mine.
_Michael Edwards-

I will not waste this precious day,
I halt to look at the gardens,
and wipe a lonley tear away.
Coulors so bright and wonderful,
It's a shame it's my last day

I wave goodbye
to memories
and people
and everything I've ever done
I listen
to the wind in the trees
and the voices
they all have places to be, others to meet
Yet here I am
by some twist of fate
on my last day
breathing in the scents of food I'll never taste again
Wondering about how people will remember me
wondering if I should say goodbye to everyone
wondering how everything will end

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