God Has A Plan For Me

As I help my team push forward,
we advance game after game.
Nothing in the world can go wrong,
as everybody cheers my name.
Every week it is the same,
as I run through the tunnle.
I am not arrogant.
I love my team.
It feels like it will last forever,
but things are not always what they seem.
Everyone loves me,
my my teammates, coaches, and family,
And none of my opponents,
know how to handle me.
Yet on the last game of the season,
everything was going so well.
All it took was a split second,
And just like that my whole world fell.
As I lie motionless on the ground,
with medics all around,
I never thought that I,
would be the one to go down.
As I received my results from the doctor,
I hoped not to hear those dreaded words.
"You can never play sports again".
I told him that was obserd.
I was depress, upset, and angry,
and even thought about the worst.
After all these years of dedication,
is this what I deserve?
I even went as far,
as writing a goodbye letter,
and then I remebered,
for me, God has something better.

GOD has a Plan & Purpose for your LIFE !
There's a work for JESUS
Ready at your hand
It's a task that JESUS
Just for you has planned !
Seek to do His biding
Give Him service true
There's a work for JESUS
None but you can do !




  • LittleRedPoet

    God is severing and has a wonderful plan for everyone's life!

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