A Little Bit of Vanity

You are the inspiration
For most of what I write
Some positive, some negative
Whatever just feels right

I spend the days without you
Knowing that you're not there
But I see your face where-ever I go
You're gorgeous and it's not fair

Puberty clearly did you justice
You are a dreamy guy
Then you went and were nice to me
Why ? Why ? Why ? Why? Why? 

You see, being attracted to you
Well it's  hard enough
So to find out your not evil
Makes it really bloody tough 

I have a little bit of vanity
When it comes to you
For, in a different world
You'd make a dream come true



    THANKS REBECCA ~ For a beautifully written poem ~ and with a beautiful subject LOVE ! I wrote a Love Poem today as well ~ is Spring on its way ? Thanks for Caring & Sharing ~ BRIAN ~ On MPS we all live in a CYBER World !

  • Adam Shirley

    A very relatable poem Rebecca really enjoyed the rhyming!

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