No way out

Anthony Stafford

I went left then went right and realized there was no way out

Tried to find my way out until I realized I am in a circle

Once or twice ?
What a situation
Attempts are futile
You are in there forever
Once I was stuck in a lift
Unable to get out or raise alarm
Then eventually someone came for ME !

Help help please help I'm trap and suck
But there is no way out

Walls closing in
Closing in Fast
Waves will come Smashing
I'm Tied to the Mast

You don't see me you don't see me or hear me there
I'm stuck and being over looked and
When I know your there as the voices fades
I begin to realize there will be no way out

  • Authors: Podno (Pseudonym), Alfred Peyer, BRIANSODES, El_Pretzadente
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  • Finished: January 24th, 2018 00:25
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
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  • LukeCoomer

    When you look at me, you assume I am fine
    But I’m inside beating on the glass behind my own eyes
    This body is a prison, some kind of divine disguise
    There is no way out, I’m trapped inside my mind

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