Flashback go away


Every time  I fall asleep my flashbacks from my past keep  coming back all this pain from when I was a child, my past relationships 

 I saw it,
That flashback
It wasn't a dream
I saw their faces
I heard myself scream. 

I felt it,
Their hands
Pinning me down
I felt myself struggle
I still hear that sound.

of me screaming for help  

and my kids were the only ones there to wake me up 

but every time I would fullback two sleep I go back to that flashback 

from my past, I can't get away it seems like every time I try to get away it just pulls me back in 

I ask myself every day why  this happened to me and why didn't anyone try to help me  

my scars 

my pain 

my fear

the abuses from my past 

the flashback that I will always  have 

Reminding me of what I been through 

 I just have to remind myself that I'm strong and I can beat this 

I know I'm loved 

I will always be loved 

I have my strength to handle anything 

but I know that I'm free  and safe 

no one can hurt me now.


  • Author: adeana stobs (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 24th, 2018 17:12
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 17
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