Jesus is coming back

Sarah Marie

Jesus is coming back
always be ready
it is near
There is signs that are whispering                     All through the air

Morals in our society are
lower than ever
The Devil is here
Mothers and Daughters
Sons and Fathers
Slowly turning on one another
The man with the Bible tucked  under his arm
seeing him later walking out of the bar
This is all
Shaming Our Savior
Jesus is coming back
Please be prepared
It’s not to late to ask for the forgiveness
God has given forgiveness                               to lost souls for so many years
Please get on your knees and we will pray
“Lord save this loss soul like you’ve done for me not to long ago”
No sin is to big
No trail he can’t fix
Just ask him for guidance
then things will soon fall into place
Because he is our forgiving God
Don’t be to stubborn not to ask for forgiveness
Don’t go to Hell
Let’s go to our Heavenly Home
Jesus is coming back

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  • Published: January 25th, 2018 08:02
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    WHEN CHRIST SHALL COME ~ Resplendent in His Glory to take me Home ~ What Joy shall then be mine ...... ! Thanks SARAH for sharing ~ we get very few Poems on the Second Coming ~ A key Christian Doctrine. All the "signs" indicate JESUS is coming back soon ~ so we must be READY ! The Scriptures say "Because you are aware that JESUS is coming back again ~ what sort of people should we be ~ In all Holy Living ? 2 Peter 3 v 11 We should serve JESUS 24/7 and be ready when He returns ! Also we need to instruct the unconverted before it is too late ! Thank you ~ Yours BRIAN On a lighter note ~ If JESUS lands in ALABAMA ~ He would get such a welcome that He might want to stay for a few MONTHS and enjoy the Southern Fellowship Love & Hospitality ~ AMEN ~ BRIAN !

    • Sarah Marie

      When he gets comes to get us we are going to our heavenly home and we will sing and praise his name for eternity. That written about what my preacher preached last night. Everything we do needs to be done in Gods name because without him there is no us. Thank you for enjoying this.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        AMEN SISTER ~ I am so pleased you are attending a Church where they preach the truths from GOD's
        WORD the BIBLE. I send you a BLESSING in God's Name ~ Yours BROTHER BRIAN ~ AMEN

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