Why do we love?


What does the word love really mean?
Does it mean having sex on a daily basis
Or taking a bullet for someone
To fill a void that not even our family can fill
To feel like someone actually cares about me sexually
Life has so many opportunities
But waiting is the right choice
Why do you love?
His affections are ignorant towards you
You put makeup on
Trying to cover up who you truly are
But why be loved for something your not
You try so much for his love
His attention
His comfort
His communication
His three words. “How Are You?”
Instead your laying in bed with your legs spread
With leaving, you already one step ahead
Of realizing how beautiful you are
People should raise their standards for you
Not lower your standards for him
Thinking that he loves me
Thinking that sex is love
You go over his place
Same thing everyday
You give him so much hope that maybe he will change
Maybe he will read your mind
Maybe he will acknowledge something from your brain
Instead of on your body
You don’t want to believe
That the only time he loves you
Is naked in your dreams
Why do I️ love?
Well I️ can’t
I️ can’t love flaws
No such thing as perfection
Not one girl can satisfy every man
But their is one girl
Just like me
The one that blossoms out of concrete

  • Author: Lando (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 25th, 2018 17:55
  • Category: Love
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