No, No, I am not a Lonely Being Anymore

Mottakeenur Rehman

"I'm alive again, more than I have been in my whole life."


Spreading out the rays from the eyes of an envious person,

I will create a path of incredibility,

To make the unblinking creation of life on this earth,

And to build a new world through the conversion of time.


Piercing the crafty, greedy exploiter and the corpulent's stomach,

I will apply the paste of truth there,

To nurture on the soil of this earth,

The banyan tree of greenery and truth.

Today, I pledge to resolve myself,

Beyond my poetry,

I possess not only the harsh power of criticism,

But also the gentle consolation of being part of the Poetical Nation.

...No, no, I am not a lonely being anymore.

(Haters gonna hate)

  • Author: Mottakeenur Rehman (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 29th, 2018 06:40
  • Comment from author about the poem: This poem is greatly influenced by the song's of Eminem.
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  • Lorna

    Poetry is a safe place I think.........and doesn't hurt anyone hopefully.

  • Michael Edwards

    I know absolutely nothing about Eminem but I do know this is yet another fine write.

    • Mottakeenur Rehman

      This is what ...I do believe on you without any hesitation......Sir you are great and your words are so kind to me!!

    • Aislinn Wilson

      Wow this was really unique construction! Strong write!

      "Pierces the crafty,greedy,exploiter and corpulent's stomach"

      Was by far my favourite line, though followed up so well

    • Saifur Rahman


    • FineB

      Thank you Mottakeenur.

      The world of poets is a wonderful world to belong to.

      Thank you for your insight.

      Keep writing

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