A Matter Of Seconds

Writings From The Unknown13

alot of things can happen in 3 seconds,

for example your heart can drop in an instant,

a tear can fall down your face...

and anger can take control of your conscience.

it can take only a matter of seconds.

a matter of seconds before you lose yourself..

before you lose everything...

even before you lose the urge for music.

people say they could never go a day without music...

ive said it to but there will come a day where you will get too hurt..

too hurt to even listen to a single note...

let alone a song.

it may take a few days to be able to listen to music again..

but it only takes a matter of seconds to get hurt.

a moment doesnt last forever..

once its done its gone.

no matter how much you try to relive it...

it will never feel the same.

every second in a minute counts,

every minute in an hour counts,

every hour in a day counts,

every day in a month counts,

every month in a year counts...

and every year in your life can never be done over again.

so its your decision to make it count.

3 seconds is all it takes to break,

to make..

to fall..

to fly..

to fail..

and to sail.

a matter of seconds is all it takes.

it can only take 3 seconds for your world to crumble.

it can take 3 seconds to realize whos not worth it anymore.

it can take only a matter of seconds to have more than a million flashbacks all at once.

it can take an instant to realize your broken inside.

it can only take a matter of seconds for my walls to break down..

with me and with my heart.

it can only take a matter of seconds


  • dusk arising

    I love this piece. My word you covered a lot of ground and i lived every bit of it in your words.
    Really excellent and goes into my fav's. (please have a look at some of my older stuff, love poems and fantasy from last year\).

  • Aislinn Wilson

    This is one of the few poems I've read where centering it really aided the message and flow. Well writ.

  • Writings From The Unknown13

    it shouldve taken me 3 seconds to say goodbye

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