breathe in, breathe out...


All I was doing was sitting.

Sitting on my bed, watching a tv show, eating muffins.

Simple enough, right?

The change comes as my muscles start to feel like they’re tingling.

My nervous system becomes live wires, and my body feels the current shooting through like it’s only water.

‘Run.’ the voice tells me, ‘Run away,’ he whispers into my neutrons as it takes control over the steering wheel of my brainstem.

My legs pull me to the door.

Now I’m the best prepared for the worst case scenarios - I’m prepared to fight the stranger in the alley that simply walks by, or the dog whose bite to crush bone simply wants to say hello.

I’m running from the monster under that bed that my brain knows isn’t even there.

Breathe in, Breathe out.

Breathe in, Breathe out.

Learn how to play the piano.

Watch a new TV show.

Watch a film in a foreign language.

Go outside, meet up with a friend or something.

Just do something.

I’m not in any danger.

Distract me, me.

Breathe in, Breathe out...

  • Author: Niall (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 29th, 2018 19:05
  • Comment from author about the poem: My anxiety has been rearing its ugly head recently, so I decided to write a poem about it to express.
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Lorna

    Very good image of panic!

  • orchidee

    Do you have something you must do, and not looking forward to it? It maybe something subconscious, even if you're not thinking of it consciously.
    A sudden fear, or anxiety, or feeling pf foreboding is horrible.
    Breathing in and out can be a distraction enough from it, hopefully.

    • niallprideaux

      it's normally stress induced like when exams are coming and things, but i've been making sure i get outside and get some fresh air even if it's only for 2 minutes or listening to piano covers on youtube, something to distract myself until it passes

    • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

      panic is a terrible thing, anxiety is not nice .. you expressed this very well, a feeling like something is going to happen to you is quite scaryi like how your mind thought to distract

    • FredPeyer

      Very well written, niall! I personally never had anxiety attacks, but I can imagine that it must be incredibly hard.

      • niallprideaux

        thank you 🙂 it is, but there are always ways of coping

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