DISTRACTION ( A co-write with hood )


  • What is real and what is not do you

    dwell in a place where time forgot

    A passing loose connection with reality

    where all stands still beyond mortality


    The clock tocks slow as the minutes cast

    vivid faces upon the wall of despair piercing

    your very existence on this plain


    Time peers out through the hour-glass sand

    Offering a trembling skeletal hand

    The illusion feels real & icy cold

    As it throttles & its visage takes a hold


    Time echoes a silent amplified beat

    Offering you a false hand of deceit

    The phantom smirks a grin of snakes

    As it strangles your neck & breaks


    The clock ticks slow as the hours grow

    shadows form and pass as you stare

    through the window this looking glass


    Your static stare gives no hint of that

    endless gaze that you cradle deep

    within that third eye of imagination which

    drags you deep within self without the

    needle of distraction self is transfixed




    I just want to thank Hood for his input in this and all our co-writes he is the reason I still write and a constant inspiration to me cheers hood :)

  • Goldfinch60

    The depth of the third eye may be deep within self but it lies next to the light within the body of self and without that light the third eye would be blind.
    Good write both.

    • ZIGGY

      Hi many thanks for reading and your comment cheers ,,,zigs

    • Candlewitch

      dear Ziggy & Hood,

      the two of you have always made fine collaborators. you are so in tune with each other that you blend perfectly the feelings with the mental images!!! you make it look so easy, you are master craftsmen!

      love ya both, Cat

      • ZIGGY

        dear Candlewitch delighted you got to read our write many thanks
        its our turn now the poem is posted cheers ,,,,zigs xXx

      • Unsub


        for obvious reasons I know this one very very well.

        It is one of my favourites of your co-writes.

        Awesome chorus line!! LOL!


        • ZIGGY

          hey its not bad is it hood did a good job on the final edit lol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,zigs

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