I knew that life repeated it self, spiraled in sysmetry.
Perhaps i was getting a second chance? A chance to handle things differently than i did.

Poor indenial child that fell at the hands of her leader. How can she learn? Doomed  into a repeating cycle

Do i dare to keep myself in?
And she speaks to me as if im saying her words "i know im making the wrong choices"

Why do we let ourselves be so foolish? Can we blame love for letting ourselves suffer?

Do we bury ourselves in the tears of the others until we scream, not able to breathe not able to see ourselves as who WE once were before we became SLAVES of our opressors

And i never let myself become compressed in the jar of a man, but what i never realised is that ANY love is just as bad


  • Kae

    I really like this :)


    WELCOME "TA" Thanks for your first poem which was very powerful & personal and demanded a full response ! VERSE 1. YES ~ Life & love is CIRCULAR V 2. Someone always tries to press us into their mold ! V 3. Mind Control ~ by DMTM and People are equally dangerous ! V 4. Who can we blame ? Society ~ Parents ~ Peers ~ Environment etc ~ BUT ultimately the blame lies with OURSELVES ! V 5. Looking at ourselves in retrospect is CATHARTIC & FRIGHTENING ~ we see just how far we have slipped ~ I WANNA BREAK FREE ! V 6. CASUAL LOVE can be COMPRESSIVE BUT (in my experience) TRUE LOVE can be RELEASING ~ AMEN ~ Yours BRIAN (UK) Love the VISUAL it says it ALL !

    • Tequilasangel

      thank you for your comment! i really enjoy your insight, thanks so much for the positivity

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