Bad Luck

You never know what worse luck

Your bad luck has saved you from

                          Cormac McCarthy


He constantly complained about

Not having gotten a raise

Never realizing how close

He was from getting fired


Her husband was out of a job

And they were down on their luck

When she read about her

First boyfriend’s wife beating trial


He had missed the morning train

Arriving at the office late

Unaffected by the fire

That had cost three lives


When she was in the hospital

To have her broken arm fixed

They discovered a heart defect

Most likely saving her life


Too often we complain about

What we feel is our bad luck

Instead of being grateful

And happy that it isn’t worse


  • Accidental Poet

    Proof bad luck isn't as bad as we might think. Great write Fred

    • FredPeyer

      Exactly! Thanks, AP!

    • orchidee

      A fine write Fred. I won't have any 'luck' then, good or bad, as I don't believe in it! I just see it as a figure of speech. But I know what you mean here.
      We could say 'There's always others worse off than us, but that does not mean our own troubles are any less real'.

      • FredPeyer

        Thanks Orchie, I too really think that we make our own 'luck', good or bad. And I also think that looking at others that are worse off is only to make us feel better about our lot.

      • Lorna

        Thank goodness we don't know all the near misses - life is scary enough as it is!

        • FredPeyer

          You got it, Lorna! Thank you! But then, what is luck really? Providence? Karma? God? Random occurrence? Result of hard work? I think I just thought myself into a new poem subject! 🙂

        • Goldfinch60

          So true Fred, in our long lives we have seen how bad luck can be a blessing on so many occasions. Good meaningful write.

          • FredPeyer

            Thanks Goldie! Yes, you are right, that 'bad luck' might just open our eyes enough to make us realize that we have to change our ways!

          • Louis Gibbs

            "Luck", to me, implies randomness ... not sure if I can accept that premise, Fred. What appears as 'bad luck' might be a good life-lesson we have chosen. You think?

            • FredPeyer

              Thanks Louis, see my answer to Lorna. I see exactly where you are coming from, but I am not 100% sure I can believe in EVERYTHING being 'pre-determined'. Our lives are impacted by others. These impacts may or may not be 'random'. Also, I think there is a contradiction in your comment. If luck is random then it cannot be a life-lesson we have chosen. That would not be random anymore. This is fun and interesting. I might send you a mail on it. 🙂

              • Louis Gibbs

                Not 'pre-determined', but chosen. Nor do I believe in 'randomness'. Good points for discussion, for sure! Thanks, Fred.

              • Kurt Philip Behm

                Poignant, and right on the mark, Fred!

                • FredPeyer

                  Thanks Kurt, If I can't write beautifully, or rhyme, or both, at least I can try to make a point!!! 🙂

                • myself and me

                  Bad luck is not bad at all.

                  • FredPeyer

                    Thanks m&m, you are right, it just seems like it sometimes.

                  • dusk arising

                    Hey, if it wasn't for bad luck, i'd have no luck at all.
                    Nice one.... we never realise how close we came.
                    I used to live one street away from a terrible serial murderer and his co-conspiritor wife. i got married in the same place in the same year as them. Fred and Rose West.
                    I shudder to think about those years.

                    • FredPeyer

                      Thank you da, better bad luck than no luck at all, right? I checked out Fred (he had to be named Fred!) and Rose West. Wow, now I know why you shudder thinking about those years!

                    • Michael J. Schaeffer

                      Wow that was well thought out & examined for the reader to basically understand a lesson of tough love & life. You should look up a punk group called Social Distortion. They have a good song called Bad Luck. Another is called Ball & Chain, I was Wrong, Machine Gun Blues.

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