Love in the atmosphere

Looking up at the stars
Seeing unexplainable lights
Making a heart in the night sky

Sitting beneath the moon aglow,dreaming
Of a love I’ll never know.
Eyes closed, I take in a breath, then quietly
Wondering if love simply past me by.
Through years past, my memory does
Am I really destined,
To travel life’s journey alone?

On superstitious nights like these
I fear the ghostly silver sky
yet in my heart I’ll not prescribe
to myths and legends plaintiff calls
my love alone will lead me on
infused by wandering stars.
-Michael Edwards-

Do you recall that night?
We parked somewhere on the side of the
Road , near Gilroy.
Holding hands,bodies drawn close together.
We sat there for hours, Star gazing.
I remember that night so clearly.
Back then , everything we saw and did,
Was nothing short of totally amazing!

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