Aa Harvey




The piano quietly drifts along,

As another beauty quietly drifts from my life…


The time is coming to an end,

The song;

I wish I had the words,

To say…



But the instrument has nothing written upon the sheet.

My heart a thesaurus,


Interwoven within.

Stitched together with silent screams…


I cannot help but think something is missing.

I am missing.

I wish I went missing.

I have no Mrs.,

So I don’t have anything…


From cradle to grave,

It has always been pain.

Suffering is all that I know.

No foot-print in history will remain,

Once I close the book on this unwritten story…


A biography will be left empty,

For there will be nobody left to write this…


Your life.

I have no light,

Sitting at my side…


As I write on late into the ten thousandth night,


I wish the bulb would just go out…


But still I survive,

On scraps and pieces,

Dreams and wishes,

Morsel’s and minutes.


I am skin on bones.

No meat on the fishes,

To feed the cat,

That I do not have…


I think it is time,

To drop the axe.

Into the void,

No looking back…


(C)2018 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.


  • Adam Shirley

    I too enjoy listening to Yiruma, well done, you captured it beautifully!

    • Aa Harvey

      Truly, thank you. I have only just started to listen to Yiruma, but I am so glad that I did, because I love his music. Other people play the piano and it is nice to listen to, but somehow he plays the piano and tells a story without words.

      "Gravity, is working against me,
      And gravity, wants to bring me down...

      Oh I'll never know, what makes this man,
      With all the love, that his heart can stand,
      Dream of ways, to throw it all away...

      Oh, gravity, is working against me,
      And gravity, wants to bring me down...

      Oh twice as much, ain't twice as good,
      And can't sustain, like one half could,
      It's wanting more,
      That's gonna send me to my knees..."

      Gravity - John Mayer

    • Lorna

      Thank you for introducing me to Yiruma...... I already have him playing in the background on Youtube... lovely.

      • Aa Harvey

        You're welcome.
        I am happy to help.
        If you find something in his music that moves you, then that makes me happy. If you (I know you did, because you were moved enough to comment on the poem.) or other people do not find anything when listening to his music, then that is ok too, but his music moved me.

        "Little acts of kindness,
        Make us all feel better.
        Unexpected flowers.
        Unrequested letter.
        So when somebody calls you,
        Give a friendly answer,
        And when somebody fails to call...
        Remember that we've all been there before..."

        Little acts of kindness - The Divine Comedy

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