Midnight Hours

Two souls 
Separated by the illusion 
Of time
Two souls reunited by
Or fate...
We are
Peas in a pod
Harbouring God
We're are similar words
In a rhyme


Two souls...
Breathing the same air
Two souls experiencing 
Love and dispair


Two souls swimming
Against the current 
In the same sea
Two souls bask in glory...
Victory over depression 
Connquered by friends and positivity 


Two souls both immersed 
At the same depth 
These two souls will never be separated.... 
Only by death


Two souls happily destroying
A few brain cells
We see through the walls
Of materialism
We fracture light
Like prisms

No wrong
Only right


Two souls way past midnight 
In the early morning hours
These moments shared in sinquinicity
Will be forever ours


Our favourite music
Right here 
Right now 
There's no place I'd rather be


This is wealth 
What money can't buy 
No need to play the lottery 
Right here 
Right now
Two fish basking 
In the same tropical sea


Sharing the same moments 
In time 
In each others company 
Ain't no pause or rewind 
Just the high definition of slow play..
Immaculate reality


Right here 
Right now  
Pour another Gin and T


  • LaurašŸŒ»

    A glorious friendship expressed by your exquisite choice of words! The strokes of your pen have created a well executed write like the strokes of a brush that create a beautiful painting! Enjoyed the total experience of the read! Thank you for sharing!


    • Syd

      Thank you so much Laura, I'm glad you enjoyed. Friendships like these only come around once or so in a lifetime. Thanks for reading and leaving feedback.

      - Syd

    • orchidee

      A fine write Syd.

      • Syd

        Thank you Orchidee, I very much appreciate your reading and leaving feedback. Forever grateful.

        - Syd

      • Syd

        Thank you so much Lauren. Do I know you from another site? The flower emoji looks familiar. I look forward to reading your work when I get the time.

        - Syd

      • Goldfinch60

        Very good write. The lines
        "These two souls will never be separated....
        Only by death"
        need not be true as your Spirits will go on to eternity.

        • Syd

          Thank you Goldfinch, yes I hope so.


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