I've made it here 

for a minute I'm happy

but why does it feel like something is at me

something is wrong, something's not right

mom told me ignorance is bliss, i know that it is

cause when he's gone it doesn't feel the same 

the thoughts and images reappear in my brain

i cant stop dreaming, i cant stop thinking

of those nights i spent in my room shaking 

and tearing out my hair 

and remembering the feeling of not wanting to live 

thats the worst thing someone can do to your head



    WELCOME FRIEND ~ Thank for you first poem ~ It ripples with Rhythm and has enough Rhyme to make it easy to recite ! Well done ! The SUBJECT is one we can all empathise with ~ The major effect ONE PERSON can have on our life ! It is an apt subject for Valentines Day ~ Best wishes for the future ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

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