One brand new DAY
Ready ~ Wiiling & Able ~what will the
NEW DAY bring ? Joy or Sorrow ~ Health or
Illness ? I don't care ~ I'm ENGLISH so I will cope !
NOTHING that happened in a single day ever fazed ME
GOD loves ME ~ So i greet each NEW DAY as a NEW FRIEND !
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Nighttime is the best time
there are many things to do
so many fun activities
with my honey are about to ensue
As it gets late and we're alone
I like to catch up with my honey
On life, on work, on kisses too
sometimes I like it when he talks to me
I like having a husband
someone I can share my day
gotta keep this 'PG' for sure
but I usually get my way

See I prefer the middle of day
for afternoon is the active way
people at night waste the time away
because most of it is spent sleeping
Morning is grand I'll admit is true
However grogginess plagues but few
Coming to this there's not much to do
And is spent mostly trying to wake
When referring to the afternoon
Its playing to my beautiful tune
Hopefully we'll see it again soon
For noon beats all other kinds of time


  • orchidee

    Ohh to be in England now that - April's there?
    That time of year?
    Pork pies and sherries time, the best times!
    Whenever that be
    Morning, noon, or night
    Is that you - ppsssttt! - with a water syphon?
    You gonna add water to my sherry, as I do to your whisky, gin, or whatever ya have?
    YOUR favourite time is when I stop waffling - and stop singing!
    Hee Hee.

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