Frank Prem

B of E #15: untitled - a

I know it's crazy
but she was the first one that I saw
in oh so long
I almost fell right there on the spot
wanted to ask her
to touch me
had to fight to hold back my hands


from reaching out
to stroke her skin
I knew
what I'd feel
like she had an aura
and I had an aura
as though
we were meant to come together
but I ...





I wonder what she's doing now
if she felt the thing
that I did
I never asked her
never spoke
I never saw her again
but I think about that feeling
and wonder


I work my way to nighttime
and I wonder




  • themerrypapist

    "I work my way to nighttime and I wonder." Very nice.

    • Frank Prem

      Thank you TMP. Pleased you enjoyed the piece. So much time spent wondering about what might have been.

    • Goldfinch60

      Are we back in Emiles?

      • Frank Prem

        Ha! Well, similar, for sure.

      • Laura

        In retrospect, perhaps the opportunity should’ve been seized. Now we’ll never know. Hindsight is 20/ they say!
        A fine write my friend!


        • Frank Prem

          Yes the business of opportunities lost is such a feature of our lives isn't it?

          There is a sequel to the piece, but not in this collection.

          • Laura

            Yes, it is!!

            Looking forward to the sequel!
            Thank you.

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