Mottakeenur Rehman



Under the shadow of the formal and traditional institutions 

I am unable to lay down myself to the height of the highest formality,

That once my parents sought for me.


My first day in Dhuhi Novodaya Jatiya Vidyalaya,

As it is starting day of my educational life,

Our headmistress Anupama Rajbanshi said to me tenderly, ''What will you be be?''

I answered, ''whatever will be ...will be,even I don't know what is called a life of live!''


I spent the majority of my time burying the nose into the books of prescribed syllabus.

  Today 25.02.18 ,When I got the sudden struck of expell

And it is came to know my father's view

My father roughly and sorrowfully told me,

''you did well with your choice of English major in degree level

But you fail again and again to jump over the wall of master degree,

What will you wanted to be be ?''

I replied,''Definitely I will give the first priority to poetry rather than the bureaucratic traditional institutions.''

Father said to me, ''you would not do anything with poetry ,

even you unable to carry on a single life of live through poetry.''

I replied very politely, '' if the sorrows  were to be erased completely I would not have written the conscience of poetry!

Yeah, obviously nothing can be done with poetry !

But only because of souse dream or meditation of literature

Without getting the parrot learning certificate,

Through the tune of poetry

I will surely win and play the orchestra of million hearts at last at all.


Now I don't know exactly what I have

I feel extreme pain when getting up from a lying down position

From the days of expell 

I haven't had sleep in two days 

I have got window open 

Because poetry is always welcome in my solitude,

it eases it a bit and often invites the freedom of dignity

Or the landscape of poenciana's beauty!!




  • Lorna

    You have played the orchestra of our hearts Mottakeenur.......

    • Mottakeenur Rehman

      Then I am succeed.........Pleased you realise my spirit...!!

      • Lorna

        Yes! A lovely start to my day.......

      • Michael Edwards

        I read this through twice such is the strength of it - a powerful write of your difficult journey and it strikes home with me - may your chosen journey continue.

      • FineB


        Long time no speak. A wonderful poem. Thought provoking, interesting and a brilliant good write!

        Well Done!

        Keep writing
        Fine B

      • Saima

        A really powerful poem! Nice write :)

      • Neville

        an interesting, presumably autobiographical tale told well.. your words captivated me throughout the journey of your learning and love for poetry.... thank you... Neville

        • Mottakeenur Rehman

          Thank a lot...for take a look.....Brother I always appreciate your comment and it gives me the immense power...💖🖋👏🙏

          • Neville

            you are most welcome.. Neville

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