Louis Gibbs


Another glorious day on

The planet of the apes!


Confined to a slowly decaying body,

Surrounded by pathetic examples of

The 'finest' of earth's inhabitants,

Human beings without a clue

Of the spectrum of totality,

My lonely soul agonizes;


How much longer, I wonder,

Must I tolerate this sentence,

This isolation from my home

And from my own people?


It will be interesting to see

Whether or not I might die

Before being driven mad.


"Just another mad poet"

They would say.


  • orchidee

    People do get on our nerves some days, or some times. Seems like planet of the apes at times, though I don't go along with evolution.
    Then again we may say 'You greedy pig', and reply 'Why you insulting pigs?'

  • Michael Edwards

    Not so glorious here - thick snow and I have a bit of a drive later this morning - great write.

  • Santita

    I miss your insightful writing. I hope you post again soon.

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