The Enchanted Garden Of Solitude.


Do not be fearful of silence.
A bountiful garden awaits.
Far from the cacophony of greed and exploitation that surrounds us.
In which to plant the seedlings of desire, creativity and strength.
Solitude has the power to heal.
To avoid it is to negate oneself.
You are your own caretaker.
In those precious moments lies the chance to return to you.
Silence....the long awaited oasis of plenty.
The bestower of peace and focus.
Be still dear ones......
Take a moment from this corrupt and tainted world in which you find yourselves...
These distractions around you serve only to take you further from yourself.
You are limited only by the bars of your own prison.
The hair shirt of humanity and its horrors is not yours to wear.




  • Laura

    A brilliant write with a gem of a message, Camille!
    I enjoyed the poem in its entirety...especially, the conclusion!
    The strength is within us.
    We are our own healers!


    • camille

      Thank you. C x

    • camille

      Thanks for reading....c x

    • Resa71

      Beautifully written truth!
      I find , when things are going in the
      Wrong direction in my life, I’m starting to lose it.
      A day to myself, in my room is definitely the cure.
      Gives you time to look at the things
      That really matter.
      Great poem!
      Loved reading it :)

      • camille

        Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. C x

      • Goldfinch60

        Very good write. Silence is so wondrous and its impact can be so loud.

        • camille

          Yes.. It's a haven we all need.. C x

        • yellowrose

          great poem ) really lovely and so true...we all need to break away from the painful distractions in this world, time out to come back to ourselves

          • camille

            Indeed we do. C x

          • Lorna

            We have to close out a lot of the world - not in a way that shows no caring - but to weed out what is important and what isn't.... so much of what comes at us is false! Gardens of the earth or words are wonderful places to go!

            • camille

              Yes... An escape.. However brief.. C x

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