"Warmth in the Night"

As I sit in the grass I look across the field in silence and the breeze blows through my hair.  I look to the sky for comfort as loneliness creeps into my soul.  The sun sets on the horizon.


Time passes by and the stars begin to shine overhead.  I feel the cold seeping through my skin; it crawls up my spine and chills my bones.  Suddenly I feel warmth around me and I search to find its source, wanting to keep this happiness and heat inside of me.


I begin to wonder about this foreign feeling and question its legitimacy.  As I lose focus on the unknown, the warmth pulls at me, but my insecurities get the better of me.  The feeling fades and I am left yet again utterly alone.


Day after day I return to that field to watch the sun go to sleep, and time after time the warmth returns to me.  It speaks to me in a way I can't understand.  I feel a connection grow between us.  It burns inside of me.  When I am in that field, I find a sense of happiness I have never attained before.


I lay my trust into that feeling.  I confess my deepest secrets not knowing if I am really being heard.  But as I speak, as I open myself up, the warmth builds and warms my blood.  I feel happy for once in my life.


As I revisit that spot in the grass my bond with that feeling develops and grows stronger, and then a realization comes upon me.  That warmth that has entered my life is you.  You are the one who brings me warmth in the coldest of nights.  You are the one who brings light into my world of solitude.  My bond to you is on fire.


There, under the stars, I find a feeling within me.  A feeling that I thought would forever escape my grasp.  That feeling is love – true, beautiful love.


With you, I have found my happiness.  With you, I am home.



    WELCOME JAEMA ~ Thanks for your first POEM and an excellent drawing of SUNSET. Your poem is very elegantly penned in neat stanzas ! It poses a problem which is answered in Stanzas 7 & 8 which is reinforced in your comment ~ thanks for that ~ it mirrors the experience of many on MPS which is a very responsive and empathetic site ! Stanzas 1 to 3 describe you nightly sojourn to watch the Sunset ~ you feel alone and yet strangely warm ! S 4 & 5 ~ The feeling of warmth is suffused with happiness ! In S 6 you realise that what you are feeling emotionally is an expression of the "One You Love" ! This realisation is amplified in S 7 & 8 ! "With you I have found my Happiness ~ With you I am Home !" I am in a loving relationship with ANGELA (please check my Poems) so I fully understand how you feel ! Yours BRIAN ~ UK

    • LittleRedPoet

      Thank you! This was the first poem I have written in a long time. I am happy that someone understood my meaning behind it. I will gladly check out your poems.

    • Accidental Poet

      Speaking through your heart is always heard LRP. Great write, and welcome to MPS.

      • LittleRedPoet

        Thanks so much. Still getting used to everyone abbreviating the user names lol. Like mine is LRP

        • Accidental Poet

          Or...we can call you by your name or whatever you'd like.

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