Black cloud of smoke
Follows with every step
Engulfing me
Hugging me too tight
Invading my lungs,
and breaking my ribs
A nasty taste,
lingers in my mouth
Bitter words that break my heart
Ones that squeeze the hearts of my loved ones,
until it bursts a bloody mess
In their bodies,
is the sickening feeling of loss
Too little too late in the air,
and our bloody vomit on the floor
Bodily fluid, disguised as saltwater, emits from our eyes
It leaves a tingling sensation on our faces
Ones that loved me have faces full of sorrow
They feel guilty, guilt will last a lifetime,
but will slowly fade away until it is barely there
Life is to go on, as my body is to rot
Red lines down my arm, will cease to exist as my body deteriorates
The smell of blood and stomach acid invades their noses,
Then it is wiped up and gone,
overpowered by the scent of lemon and chemicals
The tears sting, until they are wiped away,
and forgotten
Memories that were once so prevalent will fade by the seconds
My voice that rung so clearly in their ears is gone so soon
The sun shines bright, and the moon on the ocean
The breeze carries leaves in many directions, and branches move as much as the wind
The black smoke that once fondled my body lingers in the air,
waiting for it's very next victims

  • Author: Lyssa19 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 7th, 2018 12:41
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  • Resa71

    Suicide is the cruelest action against the people in your life.
    The memories, the guilt, the pain.
    It’s never leaves.
    You say “ it fades”
    Well it doesn’t.
    You’re forced to bury it the pain and guilt deep down into the belly of your soul.
    That’s the only way you can carry on for the other poeple in your life that matter.
    “ The black smoke “ you speak of,
    Took some one I really loved and cared for.
    I too have felt it’s invading, dark presence.
    We have to open the door and walk away from it.
    Or go wake up your best friend who’s sleeping right in the next room.
    Your poem is very good piece of writing.
    It struck a very painful, personal note for me.
    That’s what a good writer does.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Lyssa19

      I apologize for bringing up painful memories. I am aware that suicide lasts forever in the minds of the loved ones left behind. I never meant to offend anyone by insinuating that. The poem was written with a strong sense of worthlessness behind it. I don't think suicide is ever the answer and I dont wan't you to think I believe its something you can brush off. I've seen with my own eyes it is not. Once again I'm very sorry if I caused any upset for you or offended you in anyway and I look forward to sharing more of my poetry. Thank you for your feedback and for reading my poetry

      • Resa71

        You didn’t offend me.
        I’m sorry if I came off brash.
        Sometimes, when I read poems written
        On the subject of suicide I worry about the person who wrote it.
        I wasn’t angery .
        I think because I couldn’t save my friend,
        I have this feeling that I need to be extra aware, and do everything I can to save others.
        I did enjoy your poem, it was very descriptive, and well written:)
        I didn’t mean to come off as a crazy lady!
        Look forward to reading more of your writing:)

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