Easter is a greater love

I loved her like a flower

and decimated her ever hour

I craved her with ever desire

and broke her into a sour.


I fell in ever way as her carnal 

beauty that drove me,  fell away.

A spiritual love grew for her,

 I pray she finds her way.


In the end,  my reasoning is tossed.

I am a father with a greater



I gladly offer to the lord

my soul upon the cross, a will

reaffirm by our children's cost.


My soul lives on in them, greater it 

is then all our sin, I surrender my

action of my selfish will,

as if it was my final hour.


Release all my anger, with all my reasoning.

To come full circle in soulful enduring.


She decide life void of me, no matter what she



Dumb I remain and loving even as I bleed.

  I cannot deny that I care for her the same, 

as the day we meet,  the blame cast to the sea.


  Though I accept her feelings are broken

with time and her heart was never mine.


This is my spiritual awakening,


How selfish unto we that do not see

our kids perfect love is all

we need to be. 


Thank you god.












  • marquisha

    That song was perfect match for your words! Deep....

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