Moments of Past

As I stroll down memory lane; remembering the very moments, we later became; i can still feel those moments as if id travelled back in time; reminiscent and so proud; to have once called you mine.  

As I visit these galleries of moments, as I ponder on forward in our past; i only wish this time couldve been frozen; because our time just travelled too fast.

These "moments" encompass so many emotions; happy, sad, and so much more; its my feelings stuck within those still frames; its that which I am still searching for.

We had built a history of shared experiences together, which I could never just simply forget; but as moment after moment surpassed us; I spent my time just learning to collect.

  I still cant seem to set myself free, from all that we promised each other we'd be; as our past is all I still see, because you left and time moved on without me.

So please help me to see beyond this, please guide me to what else I can see..please tell me what I can do now, please tell me who I should be, without you my love.

 I can still see your smile and still taste your lips; I can still hear you moaning, with your hands round' my hips; I miss you so deeply and just needed you to know; why its so difficult for me to let our past go.

So forgive me for wanting to remain here; trapped comfortably in our past, I somehow find myself  jaded; because our time flew away too damn fast.

I swore you to be my first love; sworn you to be my last, but time carries on infinitely; and doesnt give a shit about our past. But I still do, merely because, I will never stop loving you and I am lost, without you..So I ask once again;

Please help me to see beyond this, please guide me to what else I can see, I have yet to find myself again, from that moment you left without me; so what do I do now; tell me who else I should be, who wouldve thought that such a love and such moments, could have suffered the loss of me.

Time doesnt wait for broken hearts to heal; and time doesnt care that I somehow, forgot how to feel; and now in this moment, I remain here cumbersome and idle; An empty and voided woman, whose been lost, for a long, long while....








  • kevin browne

    then it would appear you are treading along the wrong path. your poem brings about the influence of a great loss towards your life. resurrect your inner thoughts and dig deeper as each and every second passes. be your own God and allow the beauty in you flower without the traits of negative and uncertain thought. you deserve more than that. it's not until you actually remove the cobwebs from your heart that if you look closely enough, there lay sleeping is the real diamond you've been searching for. wipe away those tears and regain the twinkle in your eyes. be stronger than ever before and attempt to show your own worth to yourself. allow your judgement's to bring you the things you so desire. the world is yours and everything in it.

    • Hope

      Thank you. Your words are so eloquently written and I truly appreciate you taking the time to read my entry and offer your insight and enlightenment. Sounds like you are a man of wisdom! Thanks again.

    • marquisha

      Omg how can I favorite this? Beautiful!! It's like a page out of my life.

      • Hope

        Thank you.

      • Carmine Branco

        These lyrics speak for themselves. No comment is needed. I can't, nor will I dare, tell you that time heals all pain or that God works in mysterious ways.But what I will say is look at the lives you have brought into this world. They are a perpetual hymn to the love that you shared. That is your guiding star. Look upon it and for fill your destiny.

        • Hope

          Thank you for sharing your feedback with me and your inspirational words. 😊

        • Resa71

          I’m pretty sure everything I would say,
          Has already been said.
          So let me just say this.
          Beautifully written poem.
          We will all heal a little more each day, if we allow ourselves the opportunity.
          Probably sounds odd coming from me, if you’ve read my poetry, then you know I’m a slow healer !
          Really nice read.
          Thank you for sharing.
          Resa 🙂

          • Hope

            Thank you Resa! I appreciate your feedback. You are absolutely correct that we heal a little more with each and every passing day. 😊

          • emmat23

            Very beautifully written...and all so very true.

            • Hope

              Thank you emmat23! 🙂

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