Honey Silk


I miss the rain, it's all I have and all I'll ever want. 

When I need to cry, it hides my tears and washed me anew. 

The rain makes it all worth while. 

It dances on my skin, it fills me till I am whole again and it breathes air into my lungs. 

When my mind runs wild with uncertainty, I look to the rain and it calms my inner storm. 

Suddenly, I'm more than what I perceived to be. I'm more than me and it fills me with joy. 

The rain cradles me with the winds that grasp and cling. 

When it rains, I don't feel alone. I feel lighter in every step I take, it's all I need. 

It's all I ever want to feel. When my chest tightens within and I feel as though I can't breathe, the rain saves me. 

It demands my attention and I never refuse it. It reminds me of the beauty in the simple things. Like the water droplets that race down my window or when a puddle has caught it's own rainbow. 

I'm no longer scared, angry or exhausted. I am comforted, relieved and renewed. 

Every time it rains, my life restarts and I am given a chance to breathe.


  • willyweed

    . I agee rain can change ones mind set ww

  • Lorna

    Isn't it odd! I feel the same..... rainy days are so comforting........ sunshine that goes on forever is like a constant amusement park....... I would like warm rain though...........

  • yellowrose

    oh , wow.. beautiful poem :-) you have captured the comforting and soothing effect of rain upon ones inner being/ mind/ and soul.
    ''It dances on my skin,'' love these words, such pretty words, as if it makes your skin feel more alive, a musical feel to the rain in the sky

    When my chest tightens within and I feel as though I can't breathe, the rain saves me.

    these words tell me how soothed you are by the rain , and how it helps you .

    The rain cradles me with the winds that grasp and cling. ''
    love this line, it sounds like someone comforting you and keeping you safe in their arms, like a mother cradling a baby / or child.


    WELCOME HONEY SILK (Beautiful Name) Thanks for your first Poem. It is a wonderful tribute to the soothing and cathartic RAIN ! Rain is an important aspect of the WATER CYCLE (powered by the Sun) it purifies the Atmosphere and the Land and feeds the Flora & Fauna and Man It is beautiful to SEE ~ FEEL ~ TASTE and SCENT and the Rainbow is an awesome bonus ! When I was younger we would strip down to our Speedos and let the rain wash the "World off our shoulders" I am so pleased that you too (and the commentators) have all experienced the "Pleasures of the Rain !" MPS is a very empathetic site and you have received some lovely comments ~ Yours BRIAN (UK) Please check my POEMS ~ Thanks B.

  • Honey Silk

    I'm glad my poem was well received, I look forward to writing more

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