Mottakeenur Rehman


Remember,no men are strange,no men are vicious in the entire world!

Because man is the best of creatures!

   In the name of fraud,the actual business

   are running on

   Through the tingles of simplicity 

   Men get the proficiency taking the

   advantages of its fraud mentality.

More cheat more profit,

To cheat the devil,

They have already learned the mottos of life

along with its money funny and honey trapping brutality .

    From the immatured to the matured one's

    constantly contuning the competitive war

    of life

    One never wanna to go for her or his 


    If one laughs,why does one let down in 


Have you not heard the roar of the riches?

The glamour of each talent exposing citizen,

As if they were the angels 

getting down from the heaven!

   At each step the vehicles of luxurious are 


  Honour is unprecedented,the shower of 

  money is too!

Being a human,who want to underestimate 

the power of human's dignity!

But the lack of honor 

from where have they bring the progressive mindset?

   Therefor,belike!the middleman,the rebel 

   organizations are still in existence

   Many more thus like- the deprived are lied

   on the lap of footpath as of today.

Every reasoning of high ranking holders,

Staying away from the common masses

Behind the scenes of judicial system,

Why does the constitutional proceedeur fail to raise the devil with injustice?

   Rich-poor,discrimination and different 

   views on religion;

   The creator creates the every aspect of 

   life like these

   But men jostle each other for the sole 

   creator of universe in the name of 

   religious faith!

People say, man is all in all amongs the creatures

But monkeys are unable to speak that they are superior to man!

   They(monkey)steal having desire for food

   to live on and share with cheerfulness for

   the sake of their own community.

   But men steal in the world of competitive 


If we loss somehow the form of humanbeing

We can never get back it again

So for that existing cause 

We never wanna to be like monkeys in the world of human being!!




  • Lorna

    Oh Mottakeenur - there is so much sadness in the world mostly I think from "greed" and "religion" - and it's nice that you still think man is the best of creatures. The photo is beautiful.......

  • Michael Edwards

    Missed this first time round - man has the ability to be the noblest of all beasts but why does he so often abuse it? Super work.

    • Mottakeenur Rehman

      Yeah man is superior to all. .but we unable to undestand because of our narrow mindset.......Thanks a lot for your comment!

    • FineB

      Thank you Mottankeenur.

      A wonderful poem highlighting Human Nature.

      Sadly mankind is not infallible.

      Keep writing

    • Neville

      this is a very moving poem indeed.. thank you for sharing it and the accompanying image...

      • Mottakeenur Rehman

        Sir your comment gives me a lot of inspiration!!

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