I Know Why

I know why you hide,

and always withdraw,

and refuse to socialize

I know why


some say you're traumatized

others think you're sad

some say evil lurks within 

some, that you've gone mad


but I know why


I know, that deep inside,

with all your might,

you're holding back

the most beautiful light


a brilliance so great

it would blind the sun

and all the world

would come undone


so you keep the secret

and bear the pain,

you burn inside

and take the blame


may God have mercy

unbind the light

it's your purpose 

it's your right


shut their eyes

and even mine

It's your turn

to shine


  • Lorna

    Really loved this Jamie.......

  • Jamie

    Thank you, Lorna

  • Michael Edwards

    Fine work Jamie

    • Jamie

      Thank you, Maestro

    • Jo Middleton

      Wow these words felt so powerful and deep.. lovely read good job

    • Jamie

      Thanks, Jo!

    • blessednloved

      Absolutely beautiful!!!

      • Jamie

        Glad you liked it, B!

      • Poetic Dan

        My first pick and it had to be this, I feel that lion at the end of this! I'll shine if you do, there will be days that are dim even questioning what we believe in myself and if you do to!

        Then let's, flash bang them all by being all our truth!

        Inspirational stuff as you can tell!

        • Jamie

          Flash bang!

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