my shower knows all of my secrets
my deepest sorrows
my deepest pleasures
it comforts me
it supports me
when I need a release
of pure
animalistic emotion

but why is it that
I find such deep comfort
by a veil of water?
water is our source of life.
we evolved from it
billions of years ago.
it is 60% of our bodies.

and so maybe
I find comfort in returning to it.
it is comforting
until you submerge yourself
into a river or a lake
and you let it engulf you
penetrating your lungs
like problems rushing down
into the tiny holes
of the drain
inside the shower
that knows my soul.

that sets my mind free
and puts it to rest.


  • Michael Edwards

    Power shower really hot playing on my back - yes I can relate - great work.

    • anon-ii

      thank you very much.

    • Accidental Poet

      A great way to get the mind and body in sync with each other. Beautiful poem anon.

      • anon-ii

        yes definitely, thank you.

      • orchidee

        A fine write Anon.

        • anon-ii

          thank you.

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