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My Psychic Visions

psychic visions AKA precognitive dreams.

i didnt know what it was called.

i havent had alot of them but ive had several.

it first started when i had a recurring dream of rather my mom or dad died...

well a little over 3 years my mom died.

then it started again but never noticed it..

but the ones i have noticed i started to remember and i started paying attention.

so here i go...

last year in july i had a "dream" that i talked to my ex from 9th grade..

and i said huh maybe ill be in contact with an ex.

X amount of time later..

my ex from 10th grade..

the one that i had to say goodbye to..

the one that hurt me so many times and lied to me..

the one who is dating her..

yeah him!

we started talking after i had that dream.

shall i continue?

so the next one i had was that my dad found out my sister smokes weed in her car..

and i woke up and i told her that...

a week or two later..


now that wasnt a coincidence.

it wasnt just a dream...

it was a precognitive dream.

i shall continue.

so after me and my ex AKA him..

had stopped talking in december towards the end..

and i had the same dream about getting in contact with an ex...

well a week later..


the first time i had this dream i told my friend before it actually happened.

but i didnt tell anyone about this one until after it happened.

coincidence? i think not.

im going to continue.

so the next one i had..

it was based on a stressful decision about showing her the messages or not..

but all i told him was that in the vision i had made the decision to do it...

but he didnt know what the decision was about.

so X amount of time later..

i showed her the messages with my old phone.

 the thing is in my "dream" i showed her the messages with my old phone.

and me getting a new phone was getting hold off in real life.

so i knew that whenever i was going to show her the messages that i would still have my old phone..

and so the day i did show her the messages...

that night was when i got my new phone.

coincidence? i think not.

and now the one im about to tell you about just happened in a dream more than a few nights ago.

it hasnt happened in real life but basically i had become friends with my ex from 9th grades current girlfriend.

i dont know why i did because i hate her i hate my ex he hates me and his girlfriend hate me.

but like the dreams that i had twice about getting in contact with an ex..

 maybe the dream was symbolic and maybe ill become friends with another one of my exs girlfriends..

or maybe ex girlfriend because in the dream they were broken up.

so who knows.

ill keep you posted on what happens next but the thing is my ex from 10th grade..

the one thats dating her..

he has this gift too.

sooo coincidence?

i dont know.

when i heard about these visions i was kinda like thats bullshit..

but its an actual thing.

its just called precognitive dreams.


  • Writings From The Unknown13

    i told you i would keep you posted so i am it happened i became friends with one of my ex boyfriends girlfriend but it wasn't my ex from 9th grade i am friends with my ex boyfriends girlfriend the one i went to semi prom with i have never mentioned him in any of my poems because he never did me wrong and he's still my best friend

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