I want you

fed you, clothed you
Kept you warm
I kept you safe from the day you were born

I tried to protect you
The best that I could
I love you in every way
Just like a mother should

The world is a bad place
I want to wrap you up in cotton wool
Keep u away from the bad things in life
And everything else that is cruel

I cant wrap you up or
Protect you forever
I want you to make mistakes
And learn its better to be a giver

I want you to be happy
With confidence in all you do
I want you to believe in yourself
The way that I believe in you

I want you to grow up
Be popular and be yourself
I want you to follow your dreams
And live in perfect health

I want your knight in shining armour
To knock you off your feet
To love you faithfully forever
And be what makes his heart beat

I want you to know that
No matter what life throws your way
Unconditionally I'll always love you
Even after my dying day

Even then I will be your angel
Try to guard you from the bad
For now I'll be your best friend,
Your confidiant your mum and your dad


C Julie Murphy


  • Resa71

    I have a beautiful, amazing daughter.
    Your poem brought tears to my eyes.
    Well written poem.
    It speaks directly from the heart, of a loving mother:)

    • Jewels

      Thank you

    • Goldfinch60

      Fabulous write Jewels, your daughters will grow up strong and loving and you will obviously will always be there for them as my wife and I are for ours.

      • Jewels

        Thank you

      • Laura

        An exquisite loving write, Julie!
        Being a mom myself, I sincerely appreciate this poem! You have succinctly penned and expressed a parent‘s unconditional love for their children! As parents, that is what we want for our children. A love they deserve!


        • Jewels

          Thank you

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