The Amazing Spider-Man, Issue #121

Aislinn Wilson

Welcome to the age of consequences

Bronze hands extend gripping at her neck

With an unceremonious “Swik!”

A barely notable red sound effect


We have gazed upon the fruit

So Schrodinger keep me strong

I turned towards Eurydice

And she promised the knowledge of right and wrong.


Every laugh will claim it’s the last

Every death in the family will claim it’s the first

Mourn the plastic reset button,

That Joker Jelly encrusted ship is burnt


When all the girls are women

When all the patriots, nomads

When straps line your shoulders

That weight’s going to snap your back


I will bless those who bless you

You’ll lose the people you don’t save

I will curse those who curse you

And we'll see if you're really so brave.

  • Author: Aislinn Wilson (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 27th, 2018 09:27
  • Comment from author about the poem: I'm really fascinated by the transition between Silver Age and Bronze Age comics being defined by the introduction of consequences. Not all, but some who do define this as the distinction will traditionally cite the death of Gwen Stacy as the first or most significant shift in that direction. I hoped to incorporate some 70s - 90s comic imagery as I consider it American mythology, and pair it alongside Christian and Hellenistic mythology as well as some personal experiences with consequences. This wasn't intended to be a rhyming or even ordered poem, but it did end up that way, which I'm still not sure if I like. I'd appreciate comments, encouragement, and criticism.
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  • FineB

    Hi Aislinn,

    A vivid, interesting poem.

    Great stuff.

    Keep writing

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