Poetry is music 🎶 it's words a melody. Whenever you read a poem it rhymes in harmony.

Has Structure ~ Verses
(Stanzas) ~ Rhyme & Rhythm
It is BEAUTIFUL in it's Form &
Function ~ Delight to Read & Recite !
Lack Form & Function
No Verse or Rhyme Pattern
No Grammar or Spelling it is
Just letters (and sometimes words)
Arranged randomly like toys in a toy box !
stuk in a box
no rume to osilate
no rume to ruminate ~ no
rume ~ no rume ~ no rume ~ no rume
i'm clawstofobicisin' getmeout of here !

My mind is my brush and my words are my paint
My heart is the palette from which I create
From the canvas of time I will construct a rhyme
Poetry is a maze of my own confines

Poems are from the heart, self expression at it’s best.
And to have the power to air my words so freely leaves me feeling rather blessed.
I never thought that I would have my own space to set my thoughts free, truth being told my poems are the real key hole to the real me.
You don’t have to understand them, I wouldn’t blame you if you couldn’t, and if you struggle to dissect them, that means you probably shouldn’t.
The saying goes, some things are best left unsaid, but whats the fun in keeping things caged up in your head?
I feel so much better knowing my words are there for the world to see, in some sense of the word it makes me feel free.

Poetry to me
Jumbled words to entertain
Running round in circles
A holding pen within my brain
They dig a tunnel through the heart
Subliminal thoughts of metaphoric prose
An army of words bounds my hands
I’m held hostage until I compose
Adjectives, verbs, and nouns with rhyme
Just words waiting on release
Anxiously they breakout
Risking capture by the word police



    I like HAIKU & SENRYU ~ Because ~ They are short and open ended !
    HAIKU are about NATURE and SENRYU about PEOPLE & THINGS !

    HAIKU (5 7 5)
    Because the Moon shines
    I can see the fox ~ Who thinks
    He's invisible !

    SENRYU (5 7 5)
    My FATHER'S gone home
    to GLORY ~ to be with his
    WIFE ! Now just mem'ries

    Thanks for starting FUSION ~ BRIAN

    • marlenawood

      Oh wow how I love this as well thanks for joining me love

    • ForeverJesus6

      Poetry can be all kinds of things. It does not even have to rhyme. It does not matter the topic. It is however you feel.

      • marlenawood

        Exactly love an thanks for your kind words

      • marlenawood

        I am claustrophobic by the way lol an dyslexic etc lol 😂

      • LAWLIET

        A poem to me is how I express the way I feel a poem keep them feeling in line check the fake from the real it is the best feeling when you're writing it down

      • LAWLIET

        A poem to me is how I express the way I feel a poem keep them feeling in line check the fake from the real it is the best feeling when you're writing it down

      • Maxine Smith

        I love this, often I feel like I will explode with all the thoughts trapped inside my head, then when you take the time, get the pen and paper out, then there is a big release of anxiety. All the words down on paper is one of life’s greatest therapy. Love this write.

        • marlenawood

          Thanks love an that is how I feel sometimes trapped until I get my pen lol

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